Powers API

An online resource for retrieving detailed information on City of Heroes powers. The JSON data is an attempt to structure the powers data in a way that makes more sense to developers who want to make tools, and it leaves out a lot of internal data. Effort has been made to reinterpret some of the data into more sensible (IMO) values where the original wasn't clear or required making derived calculations.

Last extract: May 18, 2020 (Homecoming Issue 26 page 5)

Online Version

You can access the online version of the API at:


You're welcome to use the URLs directly in your own applications. The structure "v1" is set and will not change, though new data may be added. If a breaking change is needed, it will be published as "v2".

File Version

If you'd rather have an offline local copy, download:

Version Publish Date Download Link
Version 1a May 18, 2020 v1a-20200518.zip
Version 1 Apr 25, 2020 v1-20200425.zip
Beta 4 Apr 5, 2020 beta-20200405.zip


The data has been split along different sets that are stored at different URLs. You should be able to follow the entire tree by loading the URLs presented in each file, starting with the root. At the base level are "categories" which group related power sets (like the primary and secondary power sets for each archetype), and then in each category you'll find links to each power set, which in turn have the individual powers data in that set.

For a complete description of the data, see the data dictionary.

Source Code

The tool used to generate this data set is open source.